Paid Membership Request


Five year membership not available for printed magazine subscriptions due to postage cost changes.

Bank Deposit or Internet Banking:

New Zealand members who wish to pay by Bank Deposit or Internet banking may do so BUT —

1.     You MUST either email the Membership Secretary, Judy Mitchell,,
or return the attached form as soon as the payment is made.

2.     Your email or form MUST contain the date you transferred the funds and the amount paid.

3.     Your payment MUST contain the following information:

a.     Your membership number

b.     Your family name and initials

4.     Bank Account No. Kiwibank   38 9011 0310398 00

The above is required so that we can verify your subscriptions have been paid and have it credited against your name.

 Overseas Members:

The club is unable to accept personal cheques or bank cheques, due to changes made by our bank.

Overseas members have the options: (1) Transfer funds to the club bank account via your bank, following the instructions above for Internet banking, (2) PayPal or (3) Foreign cash.


Overseas members who wish to pay their subscriptions by PayPal may now do so, by making the payment to:

Due to the fees incurred in PayPal transactions, members will need to either make payment via the 'Send to a friend' option which means the member incurs the transaction fees, or add another 4% to your payment to cover the fees that the club will incur. Please follow the instructions above for Internet banking.

 Australian members:

Australian members may pay by Bank Deposit or Internet banking into an Australian bank account. 
Please contact the Editor, Rex Moir, email if you want to choose this option.


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